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The Calm Mom Coach

Providing moms with strategies that create more ease.

I help high-achieveing, Type-A moms (the ones who love to steer the ship) discover ongoing calm for a smoother, more relaxed life.

It might not be flawless, but it sure can be improved through my pillars - Calm Mind®, Calm Body® and Calm Love®!


Real Clients
Real Results

"I've been participating in Aerica's Group coaching program for two months, and it has become a happy milestone each week. Her methods have been crucial in helping me navigate day-to-day anxieties in healthier, more productive ways. My family has noticed, but more importantly, I have noticed how I feel on the inside. I'm calmer, happier, more relaxed, more open and more genuinely connected with the people I love.”


Misty Mills
Certified Professional
Dog Trainer

I have a Type-A personality and my husband is the exact opposite. I'm always taking charge and wanting things done my way because my way is faster and feels more efficient. This was causing a lot of tension and resentment in my marriage. Thankfully I found Aerica who was able to show me that not everyone is the same and that's ok. She has shown me how to think first before reacting which has helped communication with my husband. ” 

Heather Smith
Nurse Practitioner
Med-Spa Owner

Shelinta Perez
Curriculum Director

Aerica has helped me to find my true self again. I allowed stress and the actions of others to control me. I felt as though I was losing control of my life. Aerica has given me the tools need to help me prioritize my life. Her method of coaching has given me the ability to focus on what I can control, while building up my confidence and self worth. Aerica is an absolute blessing.”

Ashley Smith
Roofing Company Owner

"I felt like I had known her for years as she is so easy to talk to. Being a Business Owner, Wife, Mom, and Friend, I was struggling with juggling all of these roles and feeling like I was drowning every day. Aerica has given me tools to help navigate hard situations and has also taught me to give myself grace. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me since starting her program and implementing the things I have learned from her. If you are looking for a Life Coach, especially if you are a Type A Personality such as myself, Aerica is it!”

Mrs.Banks (Texas)

"Specifically, I was dealing with issues in my marriage regarding past instances of infidelity, issues with work... The frustration my life circumstances were causing me made me feel overwhelmed, unable, and alone. I realized that Aerica was solving my problem when my reactions and responses to issues changed

C. Nichols (Florida)

"I highly recommend her to everyone. Aerica’s great vision and outlook on life is guiding me to make great strides toward my personal transformation and relationship goals."

C. Lee (Nebraska)
Human Resources

"Aerica helped me find my own answers. Aerica offered perspective that allowed me to progress in a way I couldn't on my own... It's nice to have a lifeline, roadmap, and cheerleader when you're fighting through a tough spot. I would highly recommend Aerica, and I feel so grateful she was recommended to me."

Maybe at times you feel some of these things...

  • You make everyone a priority except yourself.  
  • At times you may feel like you're barely keeping it together even though it may look perfect
  • You "should" be grateful and happier.
  • You may even question if this is the life you signed up for.

If any of this is you it's time to make changes.
I'll help you develop skills to manage your life with more ease

If you change nothing, 
nothing will change.