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For many years I helped women find calm in their lives, release thoughts that don't serve them and achieve their goals.

Little did I know my coaching tools would help me move through my ultimate test. 

Over 3 years ago, we received a call that my cousin was going into child protective services system. We agreed to keep him while mom got her life in order. Once we got him, we soon realized that his mom had no intention of getting him back, which meant he was with us permanently.

It hit me hard. The things I couldn't control poop all over the place, violent meltdowns, holes in the walls, broken glass, etc., etc. This was my forever life. I didn't sign up for forever. 

I started spiraling. This was to be temporary! Why is this happening? He isn't my responsibility. I had the tools to gain more calm and acceptance, but I refused to use them. I didn't want acceptance. I wanted my old life back. After slowly incorporating the tools in my life, calm and acceptance just happened.

After having him for 2 years his behaviors were so severe that he had to be hospitalized for almost 4 weeks.  He was a danger to himself sometimes hitting his head over 250 times in an 8 hour period.  We made the very difficult decision of finding a residential facility for him to keep him safe.  During this process we found his Dad who had been trying to find him for over 3 years. We are now transitioning him with his Dad but I did find peace even when I thought it was forever.  If I can do this with my cousin I'm certain I can help you find more peace too.

Was everyday rainbows and sunshine? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOT! I have rough days. The difference is I allow it but I don't live there. You will have rain, wind, and storms, but it's how you handle the storms that will impact the quality of your peace and life.

I wish I had the magic formula to make your everyday perfect but I don't. What I do have are tools that create a little more calm and peace during those very difficult moments.

Listen to one of my new clients, Maggie who is a Special Needs mom of twins.

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