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Got Transactions?

Does every day seem like the same “stuff” different day?​

Wake up, complete daily tasks, go to sleep, wake up, complete daily tasks, go to sleep, rinse then repeat.​

You’re just moving through life but going nowhere…​

Your marriage is becoming more task oriented, more transactional.​

*Can you pick up the clothes from the cleaners?​
*Can you drop off for practice?​
*Can you grab dinner?​
*Can you complete some insignificant thing that really isn’t helping us deepen our relationship?​

These things are necessary but when they become the basis of your marriage, you move towards a transactional relationship that’s less connected.​

*Transactional relationships are fragile.​
*Transactional relationships are based on what the other person does or doesn’t do.​
*Transactional relationships don’t provide fulfillment, they provide a service.​

When someone doesn’t provide the expected service, the relationship can be in jeopardy.Many times we just check out, we stop wishing for more.​

​Our life is really “good” in most areas, so we just accept “glorified” mediocrity in our marriage.​

*Remember when you could talk about nothing for hours and it made you so happy.​
*Remember when he got you on a deep, intimate level.​
*Remember when your heart would skip a beat?​
*When your stomach would jump? The butterflies?​

What happened? What changed? If we aren’t careful, we let the transactions and some other things get in the way.​

​Maybe you started focusing on what should be different in your marriage.​

Somewhere along the way, you may have lost what you really want or who you are…​

Good news! This isn’t a permanent reality. You can feel better if you choose to do so.​

Decide today that you will not transact through your marriage.​

How would your future self want you to live?​

Would she want a transformational marriage or a transactional one?​

Every decision you make either brings you toward a transformational marriage or a transactional one.​

What decisions are you making to change where your marriage is headed?

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