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Don’t be sorry be better

On the way back home from dropping my bonus baby off at therapy school, I had a moment of anger. ​

While I was legally getting into the left turning lane, a lady blew her horn at me. She was illegally driving down the median and blew at me? ​

How dare she? She was in the wrong! ​

Normally, I would just ignore it but she caught me when I wasn’t about that peaceful life. I had a flashback to my super feisty years circa 1987-1998, and I quickly got upset. ​

​I talked to her through my rear-view mirror (only with my pointing finger – LOL!)  to let her know how I felt.

Then it hit me her horn blows were soft and light.

She wasn’t being rude or angry she was saying, “My bad, go ahead and get over.” ​

I immediately came home, rode my Peloton, then practiced yoga to recenter my energy.​

My life used to be chaotic, 100% of the time I would choose inner turmoil resulting in less than noble actions.

I would allow outside forces to dictate my feelings and my actions.  It was an emotional rollercoaster on which I felt so out of control.

Now although I still have my moments, I would say 80% of the time I opt for peace.

Life gives us daily opportunities to grow and be better.  However, it is up to us if we will learn from it or disregard it.

I had my first session with a new client. She too experienced this same thing last week. Her husband was trying to be considerate, and she took it the wrong way.

Things for them went from zero to 1,000 real quick. Once she realized his actual intent, she felt awful. She said, “I wish I could take it all back.” No, don’t take it back we learn best in our “humanness”.​ In the future you will be able to take a step back and think before responding.

Change comes best when we are in a positive place, not a negative one. ​ ​

It doesn’t serve us to beat ourselves up on how we should’ve, would’ve, could’ve handled a situation that’s not how we transform. ​ ​

We transform by giving ourselves grace and compassion through the “bad and ugly”. ​ ​

It’s only when we embrace all of our imperfections that we evolve.

My sorority sister has a saying that she repeatedly tells her kids “Don’t be sorry, be better!” ​

I teach clients every day it doesn’t matter the other person’s intent you can control your reaction. ​Why? For YOUR peace.

I was tested, and the test concluded that I’m human. ​

I didn’t beat myself up, I just sat at the red light humbled.​ I won’t be sorry, I will just aim to be better.

Whether the other driver is upset or just sending me a “my bad” tap, my reaction can be the same. ​ ​

I can choose calm and peace no matter the circumstance, and so can you.​

We have a choice and there is freedom in creating a life full of calm and peace. ​

You will have days where you’re all the way human, and that’s okay.

Remember, don’t be sorry and full of regret, just strive to be better.

This imperfect world will give you many chances to go from 0 to 1000 real quick.

However, you have the power to choose inner peace or inner chaos. I promise you inner peace feels so much better.

If you’re tired of allowing situations to dictate how you feel.

If you’re tired of chaos and drama.

If you’re ready to become what you desire.

You must DO things differently.

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