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Be “selfish” thank me later

I got a text from a prospective client on Friday. 

“Hi Aerica! I pray all is well. It’s been a couple of months, things have been crazy and continue to deteriorate….
But I need it (she’s referring to my program) desperately! 
If you have some time today, please give me a call.”

There was a lot more included in the text but because of the personal nature, I won’t share it.

She is struggling, overwhelmed, and barely hanging on.

She has given so much of herself and her time to others. She forgot how to make herself a priority.

Somewhere along her journey of working, being a wife, and raising kids, she lost herself.

This is the work I do with clients. 

I help them understand the importance of self-care and the definition of ultimate self-care. Then I guide them to powerfully take steps towards becoming their best version.

You want to love yourself more.

You want to take time out to decompress and unwind.

You want to feel better and less stressed, but you make excuses. 

I don’t have time
It’s selfish to spend that money on me
This person needs me more right now
I will make time later
As soon as __ is over, I will have more time

Self-care decreases anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.  

Self-care is not just getting a mani and pedi, buying the new bag, and going out with the girls. These are all amazing things I encourage, but it’s not the foundation of self-care. It’s the dessert of self-care, not the main course. 

If your diet consisted of dessert only you would be malnourished, sick, and weak. 

Many of my clients were walking around unfulfilled with a blah existence because they didn’t truly know how to care for the most important person in their life. 

They were chronically exhausted, stressed, and empty.

When you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, it allows you to have better relationships with others.

Imagine spending time alone with no one demanding or requesting anything from you.  

You are able to just be…

Visualize your life where you’re fulfilled and are committed to making time for yourself.

One where you create the consistent habit of loving yourself through self-care.

Spend some time reconnecting and getting to know you better.  I promise she’s worth knowing!

1)     Spend some time alone, disconnected. You may only carve out a few hours in the beginning. However, the goal should be to increase the length and frequency. Remember, making time for you is a choice.

2)     Be aware of the times you aren’t being kind to yourself. You won’t always get it right. Give yourself grace and compassion every day.  At the end of each day write down any observations.

BONUS: Within the next 90 days schedule at least 24 hours of alone time (away from your home). 

Have you tried finding time for self-care but you keep finding yourself in the same situation? I can help guide you.

Resolve today that your self-care journey begins right now! 

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