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Have You Given Up?

What could be more important than living a fulfilled and peaceful life?​

Many times, we think our current life dictates our future. ​ ​ ​

We give up on what we really want out of life. ​ ​

We lose sight of our dreams and goals making us feel trapped.​

Meet Damien Lillard, a NBA superstar. He wasn’t heavily recruited and didn’t go to a well-known school. ​ His path was not that of Kobe or Lebron.​

There were no cameras, no reporters, no ESPN coverage, just Damien, his belief, and not giving up on what’s possible.​

Have you given up on what’s possible?​

Do you believe that your marriage can’t be anything more than what it is right now?​

Are you telling yourself this is as good as it gets?​

Maybe you use all the things – travel, shopping, etc. to temporarily ease the emptiness you feel.​

You feel frustrated, irritated, and at times angry and resentful.​

Damien said he’s inspired to push through obstacles, sacrifice things for the better and cherish relationships. ​ He said he values each day and opportunity.​

What if you could believe that where you are in your marriage isn’t a roadblock but an opportunity?​

What if you could create a life that’s not perfect but one you love?​

Damien is now a powerhouse in the NBA. He averages 25+ points per game and in 2019 he signed a 4 year $196 million contract.​

Do you want something different?​

Have you decided to go after it or stay stuck?​

It’s possible for you to change how you feel.​

It’s possible for you not to be angry and resentful.​

It’s possible for you to be less irritated and annoyed.​

It’s possible for you to have more peace and happiness.​

One of the first things you can do is think about what’s possible and not use your past as an indicator of your future.​

Every day you make choices that create your future, a contract if you will. ​ Your contract can be a profitable one or it can be one where you constantly feel cheated.​

Need help to see what’s possible? I don’t want you to give up. I can help you.

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