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5 Habits Every Woman Should Adopt Now

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This week I posted in my IG account these 5 habits. These habits are life changing.

For so long in my life I was so busy loving others and taking care of others I placed me on the bottom of the list. It’s a process where I will occasionally slip but I recognize when it’s happening and course correct.

Last week I hit a wall. I had one of my busiest weeks ever with calls.

I was posting to Instagram 2-3 times per day.

I was onboarding new clients.

I was also stressing about the fact that my husband was going out of town which means all of demands of our “ausome” baby would fall solely on me.

I needed to focus on me. I decided self love was what I needed. I didn’t finish my normal tasks for my sanity.

I knew rest was essential so that’s what I did. Absolutely nothing! I chose love.


When you feel yourself reeling you must pause and do what’s best for you.

My thoughts were going bonkers so I had to immediately stop and take a step back. I needed to take time to re-evaluate my actions and decisions.

If you don’t make time for you, how can you demand others to make time?

Making time for you is essential to be your best version.

It’s impossible to be an amazing wife and mother (if you have kids) if you don’t make taking time and relazing a priority.


Don’t allow anyone to be emotionally abusive to you (including yourself).

Watch for moments when you or others aren’t being kind to you.

No one is perfect so there will be times when this will happen so extending grace is a must.

People make mistakes, but when it happens often, it’s no longer a mistake but a habit.

Demand respect from everyone who has any interaction with you, including you.


It’s understanding your body knows exactly what you should do.

Does it feel right deep down? Not allowing others thoughts or actions to have any influence on your decision.

DISCLAIMER: If you have consistently silenced your “gut” (intuition) you may have to get really quiet and spend time alone in reflection.

The more time you spend alone the more you wil be able to hear from you.


Keeping the promises you make to yourself is key. This not only impacts your happiness but impacts your ability to achieve your dreams and goals.

This trains your brain to expect the same from others. The more you keep promises to yourself the less you will tolerate broken promises from others.


It’s hard to be honest with others when you lie to yourself.

Stop saying yes to things that you know contradict your truth and what you really want.

I chose to take some time last weekend. I took an honest and realistic assessment of what I really want from life. What I’m allowing that’s not helping me to become my best version. What I need to start doing to become better.

I had the best week ever with my husband travelling because I chose to take time to reflect and make changes.

You won’t always get it right but the goal is to become better. How can you incorporate these practices more often to love yourself more?

You are the most important person in your life!

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