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24-Hour Stress Reset Challenge

Last Sunday I woke up at 7:30 am feeling heavy. I had been on an emotional rollercoaster and I thought I was better but last week the thoughts started hitting me again.

Here are the mental stressors I’ve been struggling with.  

  1. Stressed from raising our bonus baby, a child with autism who is having more severe meltdowns while I’m mentally fighting the fact that I only agreed to this as a temporary thing, not a permanent one. I fought this earlier this year and thought I was over it.

2. Dealing with an immediate family member’s stage 4 diagnosis.

3. My business is growing exponentially and handling all of the things that entails – more client calls, marketing, sales calls which means more of my mental resources.

4. Having to let go of the person who was helping with our bonus baby in the evenings even though this is my husband’s busy season to travel. Refer to #3 as to why this is a problem.

5. Navigating the generic everyday demands of life and managing the household.

When I woke up feeling stressed on Sunday I started asking myself questions.

What do you need?

Why are you feeling like this?

Is there anything you can do right now to feel better?

My highest self answered.  Book a hotel room and just get away from it all.

Then all the mind drama started.

You have 6 calls tomorrow. How are you going to manage that from a hotel room?

It’s not fair to John he leaves to go out of town tomorrow.

You should’ve planned this time.

You only have one day. How will one day help you?

I told that inner critic to sit down and I immediately went online to book a one-night stay at the JW Marriott.  I could have chosen a less expensive hotel but I wanted to feel pampered. I’m worth it.

I needed this and I knew my husband could handle it. 

Sometimes the only thing that will solve your issue is to get away and decompress. To re-evaluate your life and figure out what changes you need to make. 

I’ve challenged you before to take a staycation. Do IT! For your sanity.

Here are possible reasons your brain may give you not to do it:

  1. You should wait until you have more time.

My brain is an all-or-nothing kind of brain.  If I don’t have 3 – 5 full days to rest my brain wants me to wait.  Waiting is an issue because it tells the brain taking a little bit of time isn’t helpful.  Waiting until the planets align is not a good thing when it comes to self-care. Remember, some time is better than no time.

  1. It’s a waste of money

You taking care of yourself is some of the best money you can spend. Within reason, there should never be a dollar amount placed on anything that brings you peace.

  1. It’s not fair to leave all of this on my husband.

Most of my clients, take on most of the responsibility of the household.  It’s okay for your husband to take on that role while you’re gone. I promise everyone will be fine.

  1. This is selfish of me. I should do ____ instead.

It’s selfish of you to not take time for yourself.  You can’t be the best for anyone including yourself if you constantly give and don’t take time to replenish.

I’m not completely stress-free but I know what I need to do to be better.  Listen to needs and stop fighting my reality but I also decided to make some changes.

*I will hire someone to create meals for the week when my husband travels. We eat trash when he travels. When I eat poorly it impacts my mood.

*I will spend extra money on things that make my life easier. For example, I just purchased 10 more pair of underwear for my “ausome” little one because we’re potty training. This will decrease the urgency behind washing his clothes every day.

*I bought disposable masks for emergency backup. This simple thing can take me over the edge when I’m scrambling to wash and dry masks for my daughter for school the morning of because I forgot to wash the night before.

*My husband will get up earlier and get our bonus baby completely ready when he’s in town which allows me to sleep in or complete my morning routine.

*I will take more planned days for massages, relaxing, etc. at least once a month.

*I will not put pressure on myself to get a blog or Instagram posts done.

*I’m purchasing a trampoline or swing set for the backyard to expend some of the ADHD energy out of my little one.

*I’m looking into mobile laundry service when my husband travels. They will pick up, clean, and drop off laundry.

Your list may look completely different from mine but it’s essential you create one.

When you’re stressed do you pause to reflect?  

Do you ask yourself what you need?   Do you take time to really listen?

Do you get away often to just relax and re-evaluate?

I challenge you to just get away. It will give you clarity and some peace. While you’re away make a list to remove some of the stress from your life.

If you follow me on Instagram find my video talking about my  #24hourresetchallenge.  Tag me when you get away.

You ARE the most important person in your life.  Do things that validate this truth.

Need help navigating?  Set up a call with me.

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