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What’s Possible In Your Life

A few weeks ago, I noticed something. I had gained weight. 

I pulled out a pair of black pants and, to my surprise, they hugged my thighs like never before. I mean, I was definitely bustin’ loose. My thighs were trying to free themselves from the confinement.

I had signs along the way.  I noticed the waist of my jeans were getting a little snug, but I just ignored it. Little by little,, I was changing in a direction that I didn’t want to go.

Have you been there in life? You’re uncomfortable and dislike what’s going on, but you aren’t making changes.

You’ve noticed little small things that create stress and unfulfillment. 

If you don’t make changes I guarantee you will look up years later and will be in a worse situation. It will sneak up on you just like my unwanted pounds. 

Lean into what’s possible in your life

It’s possible to…

Not scream at the kids when they drive you crazy.

To be emotionally connected to your husband even if he’s doing “dumb” things.

Learn to forgive that person who wronged you and get over the hurt.

Be unbothered when your mother-in-law (or mother) gives her unwarranted advice.

To not feel so stressed when shuttling kids to practice, figuring out what’s for dinner, hurrying through your to-do list all while dealing with the demands of your career and family.

Make “real” self-care a priority….what you’ve been taught over the years isn’t really self-care.

Lose weight even though you use food to comfort you.

Here are some tips to believe and reach what’s possible.

  1. Start small  –  Small changes create larger consistent habits. Don’t change so drastically that your brain ends up reverting back.  I will slowly go back to the habits that helped me to lose over 30 pounds.
  2. Give yourself grace –  You are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment.  Don’t beat yourself up because this behavior keeps you stuck.  I won’t beat myself up for my weight gain. It is a non-negotiable fact. I must accept it and move on. If I choose to beat myself up, the chances of me losing weight substantially decrease.
  3. Don’t try to change anyone but change your response – It’s impossible to control or change anyone else, you can barely control yourself! Learning how to be unbothered and calm when others are doing/saying things that are less than ideal is key.
  4. Be solution focused –  Stop replaying mistakes and problems in your head. Ask yourself, am I solving this problem? If you aren’t solving the issue then you’re compounding it and making your life miserable by continually ruminating. I won’t replay how I’ve gone to my favorite scone bakery once a week or how I haven’t been consistent on my Peloton. I will start today.
  5. Listen to that inner voice – Don’t ignore when your inner voice nudges you to make changes. The more you ignore the quieter it will become. Your inner voice is the path to becoming your best version.
  6. Practice forgiveness –  Release those who have “wronged” you.  Forgiveness is strictly for your peace, not to let them off of the hook. How does this relate to what’s possible. Unforgiveness, mentally loads you down. It decreases your ability to solve problems and be creative. It may be forgiveness of yourself.
  7. Make self-care a non-negotiable – Most of my major breakthroughs happen when I’m practicing “real” self-care. Not the mani/pedi form of self-care. I love these amazing things, but it’s not real self-care. The spend time alone not thinking about your problems type self-care. The taking a dance break in the middle of the day even though you have a lot to do type self-care. The taking a walk just to clear your head type self-care. The saying NO to others so you can say yes to you type self-care. The doing things that bring you joy type self-care. The more you practice self-care the less triggered you are by external situations.

Will your life be better in 30 days or will it be the same? The choice is yours.  You can lean into what’s possible and make changes.

If you’re serious about change, hop on a sales call with me! I can guide you to create a life of what’s possible.

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