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Does this bring you pain too?

Unrealistic expectations of others doesn’t bring you peace.

I’ve been coaching on the side for years, if you ask some of my friends and family for decades. I finally went full time a few years ago. I have some family/friends who refer me like crazy and for you I’m grateful.

When I first went full time I just knew all of my friends/family who I had coached through difficult times would be my biggest cheerleaders, share my posts, speak up about how I helped them but that wasn’t always the case. To be honest it hurt my feelings then I became resentful.

I didn’t feel supported or loved but then I had an epiphany many of those same people don’t know how to fully love and support themselves. How can I expect more than they’re able to give themselves. Often we expect more from someone than they can give.

My clients often struggle with this too. Wanting their mom to love them unconditionally, wanting their husband to appreciate their efforts, wanting their in-laws to accept them, etc. None of these things are wrong but it just brings them more pain.

Working to fully support and love yourself you will find that you’ll become less triggered when others don’t support or appreciate you like you think they “should”.

When we release all expectations there is freedom. We can choose to love in spite of the perceived wrong.

Do you feel free and fulfilled in your life? Are you expecting someone to do something that they’re either not capable or not willing to do?

Do you want to be able to handle the difficult things without losing your S$%#? Are you tired of being exhausted from all of the mental drama and expectations going on in your life?

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