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I Should Be Grateful But I’m Not…

“I have everything most people want, an amazing family, nice home, cars; I even have a vacation home but I’m still not happy. I know I should be grateful but I’m not.”

This was my client when she first found me.

She felt unfulfilled in her marriage, trapped, and alone. Her and her husband just couldn’t seem to get on the same page, no matter how big or small the situation.

The communication in their relationship was non-existent. Most disagreements would end with them both being angry. She felt unappreciated by both her husband and kids. Causing her to loss her sense of self and sight of what she really wanted.

After less than two months of working with me, her life changed drastically. She no longer allowed her family and situations to turn her good days into bad ones. She started to feel better about her marriage, kids, and overall life.

Maybe you can relate to a few of my other clients, trying to decide if divorce is the best option for you. I’ve had clients who have been on the fence for years and were able to make decisions that honored what they really wanted from a place of peace.

Here’s another client, a single mom who had many regrets in life. There were so many “mistakes” she wished she had never made. Although she had achieved more than most people her age, it still wasn’t enough for her. She was extremely driven but hard on herself. She equated her work with her worth and always sought perfection in everything she did. She was exhausted and often felt powerless in her own life.

After working with me she was able to accept her past as lessons and powerfully move forward in a short period of time. Her transformation was so phenomenal that her mom said, “maybe I need to work with Aerica too!”.

The same is available to you! Your life won’t be perfect but it can be better. I guarantee it.

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