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If One Thing Goes Wrong Does It Ruin Your Day?

Are you living under a constant threat that if one thing goes wrong, it will ruin your entire day? If so, keep reading.

A lot of clients come to me and have a “picture-perfect” life but are barely staying afloat.

My clients have achieved success in their life and/or career. They have their dream house (some have a vacation home or two), nice vehicles, and 2.5 kids.

Their social media is amazing from their vacations to anniversary posts. Even their dog is so dang adorable it makes you smile. It appears they have what everyone wants.

It’s what happens behind closed doors and in your head that makes you love your life more. Looking “picture-perfect” doesn’t matter because if it did 99% of social media would be happy.

Before working with me, my clients often focus on making sure life looks amazing because they don’t know how to make their life feel amazing.

If one thing can take you over the edge, I’m willing to bet one or more of the following is happening behind closed doors…

  1. Many things irritate and annoy you. You try hard to release it, but it’s just so difficult. You question why it has to be like this and why can’t you just have more peace?
  2. You’re disconnected from your husband. Everything is different about the way you both interact. The deep conversations that could go on for hours are now replaced by misunderstandings. You keep wishing your relationship was different.
  3. You feel all alone. No one understands you. No one hears you. You do so much for everyone in the house, but it goes unnoticed.
  4. You like things to be “perfect”. When things don’t go according to plan you fault yourself (and sometimes others). You constantly think about what you could’ve done differently. These mistakes are like a broken record on repeat and are all about changing other people and/or beating up on yourself.
  5. And for some, you’re consumed with being a good mom and trying to correct any mistakes your parents made. However, it doesn’t feel like it’s working.
  6. You want to be right or prove a point. After a disagreement, you will replay what you should’ve said or did so you could “win” that argument.
  7. Those with older teens/adult children. You’re questioning their decisions/choices and/or wanting them to change.

Any of these things above constantly playing in the background is why days are disastrous when one thing goes “wrong”. These thoughts cause mental overload, which eventually leads to being triggered. The more often these types of thoughts occur, the more triggered you become.

The first step is learning how to protect your thoughts. Learning how to supervise your brain will help you decrease how often you feel triggered. It will increase connection and your ability to be present with those you love. This one thing will create so much calm that your life will change as you know it!

How would it feel if this became your life?

  • You don’t get triggered when the kids act like they were raised in the wild, someone makes asinine decisions, and/or when there’s an unexpected glitch in your day.
  • Creating relationships where you feel heard and appreciated.
  • Having so much self-love that you accept your “mistakes”and not replay them constantly in your head.
  • Doing things that make you happy without guilt.
  • Creating & enforcing boundaries so you’re not resentful of others.
  • Not feeling like you have to prove a point or be petty in order to feel good.
  • Feeling genuinely connected and present with those you love.

These seven things are the real flex, not the pictures of perfection on social media. Not what others think about you, but being able to manage how you feel and respond to the chaos. There will be chaos. No one is exempt. However, your happiness depends on how you cope with the chaos.

In order to become the person you want to be tomorrow you must learn the tools to manage what’s going on internally today.

If you’re tired of feeling like your days are out of your control, let’s talk.

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